Information Event Results

The Information Event on the AQUABOT project as a part of the European Robotics Week was held on 27/11/2014. Several presentation describing the motivation and main preliminary result were given by participants of the project. The live demonstration showing the work of the remotely operated underwater robot VideoRay Pro IV and a novel combined laser-vision system was successfully carried out as well. The panel discussion with participation of several robotics and marine researchers highlighted main problems and features of aquaculture robotics in Cyprus and worldwide.

The VideoRay Pro IV underwater tethered vehicle with a novel combined Laser-Vision System.

Ph.D. Candidate C. Constantinou showing the calibration process of the Lase-Vision System.

Assist. Prof. Savvas Loizou explaning the main features of the VideoRay Pro IV vehicle.

Assist. Prof. Savvas Loizou explaning the work of the combined Laser-Vision System.

Panel Discussion.